Hospital Rapid Response

There are many who struggle with behavioral health issues and some feel the need to take their own life. These individuals are suffering from depression, substance abuse, and others from serious mental illness, or a variety of other causes. When these patients end up in your emergency room or medical office, your medical staff is highly prepared and trained to handle their medical issues, but are perhaps at a loss of what to do next to assist the individual with their psychological and emotional issues.

Our licensed master’s level counselors are trained to stabilize, reduce symptoms, and make sure these unique patients get the proper mental health care that they need.

Our counselors are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide emergency services in your hospital for anyone who has attempted suicide, is impaired due to a psychosis and other related issues. Our counselors will conduct an intervention and an in-depth crisis assessment for these patients. We will make sure they are referred to the proper care that they need; including out patient counseling, the transfer to an inpatient facility or filing a petition for a court ordered evaluation.

If the patient is admitted to your hospital, we also are able to provide psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners to evaluate the patient and make a diagnosis to determine if there is an immediate need for psychotropic medications. Evaluations by psychiatrists and licensed psychologists to assist in determining capacity are also available.

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